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Business Persons               Professionals
Coaches                                Trainers/Teachers             
Students                               Housewives
NLP Practitioners seeking to upgrade their skills   

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In QSN PACK-1, you will learn basic techniques:
  • Our communication filters
  • The fundamental principles of NLP
  • How to read people’s behaviours
  • How to establish quick rapport with people, be able to lead conversations
  • How to overcome stress, anxiety and fear
  • How to recognize language patterns to ask powerful questions
  • How to influence a conversation using specific patterns
  • How to formulate creative  goals using proven models
  • How to use your emotional buttons to control your internal states
In QSN PACK-2, you will learn advanced techiques:
  • How to reframe language to change the perception
  • How to make goals work for you using proven framework
  • How to observe situations through different lenses to gain perspectives
  • How to use the Swishing technique to change your beliefs
  • How to remove a phobia with instant impact
  • Strategies for Learning, Decision-Making, and Motivation
  • How to model the best people to achieve excellence in any area of your life
  • How to change your past beliefs, to the new YOU!!
  • How to create a future that you want

About Me

Shyam Kalle

Hi, I’m a Author, NLP Master Coach and Trainer, and a Mid-Career Coach, who has coached and conducted workshops for thousands, to create sustainable behavioural changes in their lives that has left a positive impact. NLP has had a big impact on my life personally, and also, my career, and I always felt it’s a must for any one looking to take their life to the next level. Having conducted hundreds of NLP Coach training programmes (I also teach NLP at the Bombay University), I felt it right to share my vast knowledge and experience in NLP and Coaching, through these videos and discussions, and make them available at an affordable price. My mission is to reach out to 1 Lakh people to teach them the wonderful NLP techniques and help them create the life that they want.

I'm also the author of the successful book "The UnBound Transformation - for personal success and excellence", now available on Amazon

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