Quick Start to NLP – QSN PACK-1

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The QSN-PACK-1 video course includes the basic concepts and principles on which NLP works on, and fundamental tools and techniques that you can immediately start using on yourself as well as, on  others. Every video has a detailed explanation with suitable examples, just below the video, also have Notes summary for easy reference, and exercises that you can refer to. We strongly recommend that you do the exercises before moving to the next video for optimal results.

Also, it’s important to note that, the videos are arranged in a specific order for easily understanding the topics, hence, if you are viewing the videos for the first time, then please do not look randomly at just any videos, rather, please go through each one in the order prescribed. Feel free to re-run the videos any number of times if required.

We do hope that you will enjoy the process. For any feedback or comments, please write to [email protected].

What Will I Learn?

  • • Get fundamental knowledge and insights into all of the NLP techniques
  • • Revisit the videos any number of times you wish to
  • • Access to course notes and exercises for each video
  • • Attempt the Quiz after each video
  • • Completion of the quizzes successfully, will give you a NLP Certification of Achievement
  • • Access to all future video upgrades

Topics for this course

14 Lessons25h

Day 1?

NLP Founders, What is NLP, How you create your own reality, How we represent information our minds
NLP Introduction11:27
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Your Model of the World29:54
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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

About the instructor

Shyam is a NLP Success Coach and Trainer, a Mid-Career Transformation Coach, and Author, and has coached and conducted workshops for thousands of people to create sustainable behavioural changes in their lives, and a positive impact on their goals. The highly interactive coaching sessions create an environment of trust, confidence and learning for the client and provide them to freely discuss their problems. Having developed his own unique style of coaching, he engages people to think deeply through their issues that are holding them back, unlock and unleash their full potential, and encourage them to think out their own solutions. Shyam has coached Business Owners, Junior Executives to Senior Leaders and Students for areas ranging across low self-esteem, team-bonding, performance management, career progression / transition, dealing with lack of motivation, leadership development, high anxiety, etc. These individuals cut across different areas such as sports-persons, actors, education, and corporates. Having conducted hundreds of professional trainings such as, ‘NLP Coach Practitioner’ and 'NLP Coach Master Practitioner', and NLP Coach trainings which are internationally accredited certifications, he is also a guest lecturer for NLP at the Bombay University for their MA programme. Besides this, he has been invited for talks to several seminars for prestigious associations like the ICF (International Coaching Federation – Pune Chapter), The Rotary Club, the Bombay Management Association, and ICTA (International Coach and Trainers' Association - Europe). His rich industry background of over 27 years in IT, and having worked with IT Giants for nearly three decades in leadership capacity, provides him with just the right tools and experience to conduct impactful seminars and workshops that have yielded excellent results for the participants. Shyam’s vision is to empower individuals with the right set of skills to maximize their potential and enable them to perform at their peak.
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Material Includes

  • • Videos explaining basic the NLP techniques with Examples
  • • Every video is kept short enough to maximize your attention span
  • • Content Notes with Examples, Exercises, and Quizzes
  • • Videos are kept short enough to maximize your attention span

Target Audience

  • Anyone with an intention to create a difference for themselves and for the people around them, are eligible for this course. The people who would benefit the most are Coaches from any discipline, College Students, Business Persons, Working Professionals, Home-Makers, and NLP Practitioners / Master Practitioners who are wanting to refresh and keep in touch with NLP.